Social distancing at school is hard on everyone, but parents and teachers alike are most concerned about how to keep the experience positive for the children in their care.

It’s scary when things are different, and asking young kids to stay in their desks all day, to not touch each other, to wear masks – it all seemed like it might be a bit much.

Thank goodness, then, for teachers like Jennifer Birch Pierson, a kindergarten teacher in Texas, who put their energy and creativity to good use.

In order to stop her kiddos from worrying about the strange new way of things, and why their desks were so far apart, she turned each and every desk into a fun truck.

Pierson decided to take the copious lemons handed to us by 2020 and turn them into some adorable lemonade that’s sure to keep kids (and therefore their parents) as happy as possible amidst all of this mess.

The desks are the required 6 feet apart, and they do have the plastic shields around them, too – they just look to the students like windshields for their trucks – totally normal and cute, not at all scary.

Her post has been shared over 15k times, with over 1k people commenting on her ingenuity and hoping that their kid’s teachers will have some of the same.

Based on the teachers I know personally, no one should worry – they love their students like their own kids, and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that this can be as normal and effective year as possible.

Give your child’s teachers a virtual hug (and maybe a virtual gift card). They deserve it!