There is never a short supply of funny, relatable, and poignant parenting content on Twitter – there’s always more, there are always amazing classics to revisit, and it can be a bit hard sometimes to figure out where to start.

That’s where we come in! So, please sit back and know that you’re really gonna enjoy this scroll through 12 giggle-worthy tweets.

12. You definitely should have seen that one coming.

Is this your first day?

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11. That’s one way to get your workout in.

A pretty fun way, if you ask me.

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10. Ah, yes, the screaming phase.

You definitely need more booze.

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9. You don’t take vacations anymore, you take trips.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

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8. That’s how time works now.

Bad luck for you.

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7. That seems like a lot to put on a toddler.

The not-eating thing is annoying though so.

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6. Ain’t that always the way?

You do all the work, everyone else gets the glory.

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5. How is there always so much trash?

It’s astounding what adding people to a household will do.

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4. Or they’ve forgotten.

Some of those poops could be pretty bad.

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3. As long as he’s not using it to brush his teeth?

Because that would get even scarier.

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2. I can’t believe that worked.

I bet she can’t, either.

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1. The best is when it changes between the time they pick something out and when it arrives.

There’s nothing you can do to convince them they still love it, either.

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Did I deliver or what?

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