If there’s one thing dads are good at, it’s expert levels of trolling – even if sometimes, I’m not sure they’re even aware that they’re trolling!

Either way, though, these 13 dads are hilariously funny, and not afraid to use their terrible skills on the people they’re supposed to love the most!

13. Just the comment everyone wants to see on their Facebook page.

Although to be fair, it could definitely have been worse.


12. This seems a bit out of character for Optimus Prime.

I suppose we all have our limits.


11. That’s what you get for not replying.

They just keep going until you do, that’s parent’s rules.


10. That bathroom is going to look like a crime scene later.

I wish there were after pics.


9. Never miss a chance to teach a lesson, I say.

Especially not if it results in clean windows.


8. I really hope this was intentional.

I honestly can’t tell.


7. So very reassuring.

We should expect nothing less.


6. That is so the extra mile.

And I guarantee you that kid did not care.


5. Ouch, dad!

That’s way harsh.


4. This woman’s dad is just the best.

I want to put him in my pocket.


3. Seems legit.

I bet he even got it from a Nigerian prince.


2. He’s not judging he just wants to know.

Maybe he can do better with his next kid.


1. This made me laugh way too hard.

I guess I’m evil in my soul.


Dads are next level and we will always be here for it with the good ones.

What’s the funniest thing your dad has ever pulled? Tell us about it in the comments!