Are you even a Dad until you make your first corny joke or bad pun? I say no – it just seems to enter your DNA the same time you create your first child. There’s no point in fighting it.

Which seems to be exactly what these 17 dads decided when they went all in for the perfect joke – sometimes on purpose, sometimes just because it was what came naturally.

17. This is an excellent use of a selfie.

And eyelash extensions.

16. This sounds right.

I bet his wife thinks about this when making lists, too.

15. A moment the two of you will never forget.

I’m positive the cat was confused, though.

14. I mean, fork it over.

This is downright hilarious.

13. How could he resist??

This one killed me, y’all.

12. Definitely worth the investment.

And he was really paying attention!

11. So many lessons he has to teach.

That crackle when you vacuum picks something up IS satisfying.

10. An excellent use of group chat.

Unless you’re the kids.

9. He may need a bit more practice.

These are hilarious.

8. This made me snort.

It was the “ok” that got me.

7. That is the face of shame, my friend.

I’m guessing that second half is going to taste better.

6. I wonder if that was the plan all along…

Kismet or an offer he couldn’t refuse.

5. This is the kind of parent I aspire to be.

It’s going to be so fun when my kids understand sarcasm.

4. I’m guessing he doesn’t clean the toilets all that often.

At least it will smell lovely.

3. I think it makes me old that I think this would be useful.

It’s so annoying always having to flip it over!

2. Fair enough.

Who eats them otherwise? Except on toast.

1. A peak dad moment.

This kid will never forget it.

Soon-to-be dads, take note, because these are A++.

What’s the dad-est thing you’ve ever done, or that your dad has ever done? Tell us about it in the comments!