Dad Jokes (TM) are a special kind of joke. They elude anyone who hasn’t taken on the father role at least once, and make everyone else around them groan (even if they also can’t help but snort at the same time).

It’s an art, is what I’m saying, and these 16 pictures really capture the essence of the best (worst) of the bunch.

16. I see what he did there.

It’s clever and annoying all at the same time. Well done!

15. You knew it would happen if you just waited long enough.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

14. Give the man his slow clap.

You know he worked hard for it.

13. Talk about pandering to your crowd.

Or lackthereof, I suppose.

12. This is going to be a show on Nick Jr., watch.

Maybe not the bar part, but.

11. It’s important to give credit where credit is due.

Even if they would really rather you not.

10. Idk if Dad Jokes are supposed to be depressing.

This one kind of is, though.

9. Okay this one got me.

When you’ve got a good one, you just know.

8. Dean is going to grow up to be a fine father one day.

You don’t need to teach him anything else.

7. They just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

That’s how good dad jokes roll.

6. I think the answer must be yes.

And also stop it.

5. This is a fairly good riddle, if you ask me.

Make sure to share it with your kids!

4. Alright fine I laughed.

He worked hard for this one but it paid off.

3. He would, too.

Does anyone like Robin??

2. They’re classics for a reason.

And this one has been around for awhile.

1. That punchline is met with silence.

And twitching lips, because it’s not bad.

I’m all out of eye rolls and snorts and groans, guys, so I guess that means we hit the nail on the head!

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