We all need a little attitude boost now and then, and if you’re home with kiddos and husbands and jobs and dirty kitchens right now, well, all the more reason to take a short break to scroll the internet.

And there’s no better way to guarantee yourself a smile – and maybe a little laugh – than some memes that are full of nothing but things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

11. Is it time to eat yet?

How about now?

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10. You gotta be excited.

Let people love what they love.

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9. There’s always one.

Goofy smiles for the win.

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8. Meant to be.

How can you argue with Mother Nature?

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7. Real love never dies.

It just goes dormant.

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6. Boys need love, too.

Not just being bossed around I guess.

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5. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

She has a nice face.

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4. Never.

It shall be displayed on the tree forevermore.

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3. Everyone loves ice cream.

It’s a guaranteed smile.

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2. They’re your people.

Hang onto them like grim death.

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1. We all play our part.

She’s a good dog.

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I just took some deep breaths and I’m ready to dig back in!

Not the kitchen, though. That can wait a little while longer.