Let’s face it, we all think we’re super funny, but that can’t possibly be true.

And way too many guys think that an excellent sense of humor comes part and parcel with becoming a husband and/or a father – I mean, puns are cool and all, but there are other types of jokes!

These 10 husbands, though, have some seriously funny thoughts on marriage and relationships – just check it out and see if I’m right!

10. You can do that at home!

For free (and now I sound like my father).

9. That’s called working in tandem.

Something tells me she doesn’t think it’s as cute as he does.

8. You’re on the same page.

You’re just reading different books.

7. He can never be wrong.

That’s more important than romance, hello.

6. Everything is a competition.

You know I’m right.

5. Heaven help the person loading it “wrong.”

Because of course there is a right way.

4. Working from home is a trip.

Just be impressed he knows how to work an iron.

3. He thinks it’s charming.

She’s not so sure.

2. Someone needs a memo.

That’s a clear violation.

1. Now that you mention it.

He probably didn’t want to know the answer to that question.


I’m giggling quite a bit right now, and I’m glad I am. Dads need to get more credit for being essential AND hilarious.

Which one of these cracked you up the most? Which one would you retweet immediately? Which one do you wish you tweeted?

Let us know in the comments! We love to read your thoughts!