There are two types of man humor – the jokes they think are funny, and the jokes that are legitimately funny.

I’m sorry to report that, for most men, the first type outnumber the second on most days – but that’s why we’re here, ready to give these 11 guys a round of applause.

Positive reinforcement!

11. That’s the way to a human heart.

Crosses all genders, ages, modes of being. Everybody loves THAT.

10. That’s below the belt. Literally.

I think the wife technically deserves the credit for the laugh, here.

9. At least you’re alive, honey!

There are probably other fantasies that play out differently. But this one… your memory is shot.

8. Now that’s some REAL real love.

It’s not always pretty, but there you have it.

7. Communication is key!

It sounds like they could use some work.

6. I fail to see the problem.

This drives my husband absolutely mad.

5. Sometimes being a grownup is cool.

Only sometimes, though.

4. Another 10% is doing the same thing in the house.

And if one of you IS gone, texting “when will you be home?”

3. Ain’t that the truth.

The coupons are how they get ya. And then the smell gets ya. And not in a good way.

2. I think he knew that wasn’t what they meant.

But it’s funnier this way, I suppose.

1. I mean, we need to know.

Yes, we know we already checked.

These made me snicker way more than I’d care to.

Are you chuckling? Yeah you are.

Tell us which one got to you in the comments!