Most of us never planned on spending quite so much time alone with our kids. I’m mostly a stay-at-home parent, and before all of this madness, we went on some kind of outing every single day – the library, art class, music class, the park, the splash pad – and those mornings out helped my sanity.

Parents now are having to get creative (my own attempts have been hit or miss), and these 13 people really tapped into their most-genius minds to come up with these fantastic hacks.

11. That might work with older kids.

My toddlers would pull it off, put it on their head, and run inside the room.

Tired of your kids barging in while you try to get some work done at home? Underwear on the doorknob works wonders!
byu/BohsNOhs infunny

10. If you gotta play LEGO, at least make yourself something pretty.

I bet she could sell those, actually.

9. I mean, you need ice for your beverages.

This is very industrious!

8. This is seriously next level.

I’m not doing it, but I’m impressed.

7. It probably entertained her kids for several minutes, too.

A double bonus, then, because those are lovely.

6. Put those ladies to work!

They’re supposed to be hardworking princesses and stuff, right?

5. Those diapers have MANY uses.

They’re not great at absorbing poop, but you know. Other stuff.

4. That’s one way to get your kids to pay attention.

And it’s also gross.

3. There’s literally no other way to keep them out of the cabinets.

And this won’t work, either, but at least you’ll have a clean house.

2. This is brilliant.

That one blessed hour I can’t imagine.

1. That seems like a learning experience, too.

Girls that code ftw!

“Daaaad, we’re bored!” (Day 1 of lockdown)”ummm ok, strip this laptop down, and this desktop, and then rebuild them”….my god it’s the most peace and quiet I’ve had all week!
by inpcmasterrace

I’m definitely going to be trying these, how about you?

How are you keeping your littles entertained and contained while you try to work or keep the house clean or stop them from eating all of the snacks in a single day?

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