As parents, we like to think that we’re smarter than our kids – at least for a decade or so, you know?

The sad fact is that sometimes our kids outsmart us, and you just have to laugh and give them their props – or ground them for being a smarta$s, if that’s more your style. No judgment. Kids are tough.

These 11 kids are definitely going to be forcing their parents to make that call on a regular basis, because they’re already running circles around the humans who made them.

11. Learning from the best, I see.

We all need a timeout now and again.

10. The kid had to spell it out.

And he nailed it.

9. I’m not sure it’s actually logic.

But it is hard to argue against, for sure.

8. Everyone knows fried is better.

Not for you, but better.

7. Listen carefully.

You’re going to need to pay attention to this one.

6. This kid is going places.

And if it’s to jail, he’s all set.

5. Yeah he’s definitely going to need to stick around.

She’s cooking up something.

4. It’s as good an explanation as any.

In fact, I may steal it.

3. And we’re definitely not giving up our coffee.

So I guess press play again you little animal.

2. You can’t really say no after that.

She wins this round.

1. His knowledge of time zones is very advanced.

Either that or my kids are super behind.

These just cracked me up, probably because it didn’t happen to me.

At least not today.