I think every parent has that inevitable moment when you realize that your kid is smarter than you – at least about some things. Or at the very least, they’re way smarter (and have picked up on way more stuff) than you realized before then.

Lucky for the rest of us, even if that moment is rough for you, it’s hilarious to onlookers – and so, my friends, here are 11 parents who are about to get a rude awakening from their smart-mouthed kids.

11. It could just as easily have been Mommy.

Everyone needs some time alone, you know?

10. Kid has a point.

You see what he did there.

9. “It’s too early” is hard to argue with.

My own toddler says “I only do that on Sundays,” so…

8. Sure, you could argue with that.

I think she might win, though.

7. Kudos to dad for catching that one.

Experience has its perks.

6. This child is ready for anything.

He’s got whatever the world tries to throw at him.

5. Because she is definitely not moving.

Or maybe she thinks his screen is too loud.

4. This is especially rough when you know she gets it from you.

I’m assuming, anyway.

3. If it sparks joy, let them have it.

That’s my philosophy, anyway.

2. Get the girl her chocolate milk.

Sister earned it.

1. That’s what you get for teaching her about time zones.

I’m happy my kids can’t tell time yet, to be honest.

I love it. I mean, my kids are still toddlers, so I know I haven’t been there, but…I love it.

Tell us the moment you realized your own kid was pretty dang sharp down in the comments!