There are many, many things that I will miss about my sweetlings being littles, but one thing I am looking forward to is having kids who can give as good as they get in the sarcasm department.

That, of course, involves them having a bit more of an understanding about, you know, life and stuff – something these 11 posts will prove toddlers and preschoolers are definitely lacking.

11. Gotta respect a girl who knows what she wants.

And buys in bulk.

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10. I’m scared to know how long they believed this.

Poor kid.

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9. Spelling is hard.

But I have no idea who is allowed where.

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8. He probably already had a clue.

He loves you anyway, sweetheart.

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7. No. Stop it.

I am deceased.

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6. Classic Dad move.

It’s a classic for a reason.

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5. Excellent use of synonyms.

Not that he meant to, but still.

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4. What is it about the vents?

You never know what’s going to disappear down there.

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3. They’re just not good at hide and seek.

You can make that work to your advantage.

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2. This is honestly such a sweet story.

I aspire to this level of Mom.

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1. I dare you to read this and not laugh.

It’s impossible.

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I swear, some days all you can do is laugh.

Tell me in the comments the dumbest thing your kid has done lately, and how hard it made you laugh.