Teasing is one of those skills that comes later in life than you think – my kids are still preschoolers and though they’re working on a sense of humor, things like sarcasm still totally elude them.

These 11 kids are way ahead of the curve, because the shade they’re throwing toward their parents at a young age is totally epic.

11. This is way too funny to be mad about.

If you are mad, it’s probably just because you didn’t think of it first.

10. Saved it from what?

The dog? That’s my guess.

My kid “saved the last piece of pizza” for me
byu/OINOU inmildlyinfuriating

9. I would have screamed bloody murder.

That would have been so satisfying for him.

Completely unprompted, my son cut a paper spider out and taped it inside my wife’s lampshade and I’ve never been more proud.
byu/ForTheWinMag infunny

8. They think they’re so clever.

Wait until the next time they want something.

7. When the joke is right there it’s hard to resist.

I bet his father is so proud.

6. You have to say yes.

The curiosity would have killed you otherwise.

My eight year old daughter asked if she could make a funny mother’s day card with one bad word.
byu/diggum1996 infunny

5. I fail to see the problem.

Mom should always look better. She’s the one who buys the groceries.

How my kid views me and my wife.
byu/bhornet2008 infunny

4. You don’t always appreciate a good dad joke at a young age.

You need to mature a little to really grasp the immature humor.

3. I kind of love it.

You’ve got to embrace that kind of weird and never let go.

2. They think they’re so clever.

Revenge will be had, I think.

1. It’s honestly a solid plan.

I might try it the next time I’m upset.

I mean, y’all. I would be mad if this was my kid but because its theirs I am laughing so much.

Actually, I don’t think I would be mad. Would you? Let us know in the comments!