All kids lie. I mean heck, all humans lie, so why should kids be any different?

Kids are testing their boundaries, they’re still learning about social contracts and trust, and also, they just want to get away with stuff without their parents knowing.

It’s natural, but if these 11 posts prove anything, it’s that some kids are definitely better at lying than others – so if you’re a parent, let these goofy lies give you a laugh.

11. This kid is a monster…

But also why did his parents not buy him clothes?

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10. I guarantee you she knows.

Moms have had a few carpet burns in their day.

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9. I hate that this is a secret.

Or that he felt he had to lie.

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8. Oh, she knows.

There’s no way she doesn’t.

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7. Did he, though?

Oh, young love.

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6. Was there no doctor involved?

Glasses do make you look cool, though. Not gonna lie.

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5. We’ve all gotta do it sometime.

Mom doesn’t need to know the details, I promise.

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4. Tried to throw his own dad under the bus.

That was never gonna work, son.

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3. That’s a twist.

Gotta do what you want with your life.

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2. This made me gasp.

She had better tell the truth for this one.

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1. Would they not approve?

Or is it just a surprise?

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You’ve gotta be able to laugh at this phase of parenting, right?

If your kid has every told you a hilarious lie, share it with us in the comments!