Everyone lies, and when you’re a kid, of course you lie to your parents. They’re the ones stopping you from doing what you want, living your life, and having fun, right?

That said, there are lies and there are lies, and these 9 kids sure came up with some whoppers of varying believability.

9. It was sort of a vacation.

Just not in an exotic locale.

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8. I bet she knows.

And that her heart is broken.

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7. I think he should.

You’re still just a kid!

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6. What a tough situation to be in.

I’m sure she appreciated it and hated it all at once.

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5. This is just hilarious.

How’s he gonna blame it on grandma!?

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4. This breaks my heart.

No one should lose their mom like that.

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3. A web of lies, my friend.

They’re going to come crashing down eventually.

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2. She’s gonna find out sooner or later.

I hope they’re coming up with a plan.

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1. Is that…possible?

How fast did she drive?

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I know I lied to my parents, but I’m thankful I never had to lie to them about anything that mattered.

Wait… does driving two states over to meet a friend to go to a rave count as something that could have mattered?

No? Okay, good. Phew!

What’s the biggest whopper you told? That your kid has told to you? Let’s share in the comments!