One of the most fun things about parenting is convincing your kids things are true, just for laughs. Kids don’t know a whole lot, because they’re new here, which means they pretty much believe what their parents tell them – crazy, right?

If your parents were sadists who delighted in lying to you for laughs, you’re going to relate to these 11 people’s stories.

11. Both of these served a purpose.

My mum told me you can’t swear until you have your drivers license.

She also told me if you go behind the counter in a shop you have to work there for the rest of your life.

Believed both for years. I was a gullible kid lol

10. It may not be illegal, but it is annoying.

Got to be the classic if you leave the light on in the car it’s illegal.

9. Boobs for everyone!

My mum once told me the Sun was a socialist newspaper (she was being sarcastic).

I thought socialism must be something to do with tits. For years.

8. Say this in a Scottish accent.

That Haggis were Scottish animals – a bit like Sheep – that, due to the steep hills, had shorter legs on one side of the body to stop them rolling down.

Also males and Females have shorter legs on opposite sides so they can always meet face to face.

Convinced a girl at work this was all true. She also thought the Heart of the Ocean blue diamond being chucked into the sea was true and wondered if anyone went back to look for it.

7. Right in the feels.

That I’d be able to buy my own house when I’m older…

6. You could just peel them.

My parents told me about creatures called Devonshire Dumplings as a kid.

We went to Devon and I was terrified I’d spot a sort of tiny potato-esque person walking in the bushes.

5. Whatever keeps you safe. And clean.

My mum used to stop us from going too close to a swampy area near our house by saying there was crocodiles in the water.

I was embarrassingly old when I found out we don’t actually get wild crocs in the uk.

4. Dang, Mom!

My mum told me that when the ice cream man played his tune it meant he was out of ice cream.

Didn’t realise it was a lie till I was 14.

3. Oh, dear.

That the police searching our loft were “looking for a mouse…”

2. Granddad for the win.

My grandad told me the fold of skin at the back of my throat was called a “clacker” and its job was to separate “meat frum’t gravy” (said in a thick Lancastrian accent).

I confidential relayed this information, at age 4, to my GP, who thought it was hilarious.

1. Even strangers play along.

Dad told me that dogs have a secret zip and take their coats off at night.

Now even at five I’d learnt not to believe him but then one evening on a dog walk he saw his friend from work (who I didn’t know) heading towards us with his dog.

Dad said “I know were complete strangers but doesn’t your dog take his coat off at night” of course work friend says yes and I spend weeks checking the dog for a zip.

Still don’t believe a word he says

I’m not going to do this to my littles, regardless of the potential humor. It’s wrong!

Did your parents convince you something crazy was true? Tell us what it was in the comments!