When you’re a newish couple, or a couple taking their relationship to the next level, everyone wants to know the story of how you met. It’s kind of a lot of pressure, honestly, but in this day and age of “we met online” if you’ve got a story that’s something else, it’s bound to be a winner.

We think you’re going to melt at these 11 adorable stories of how these couples met – they just might inspire the next big romance hit, too, you never know!

11. Every book nerd’s dream come true.

We’ve always wanted to meet someone in a bookstore.

10. This is the best thing ever.

Love at first sniff.

9. I guess that worked out.

Except their schedules are probably crazy.

8. No way this isn’t fiction.

I’m going to need to see some receipts.

7. When you know you know.

At least they both had good taste in music.

6. Their younger and crazier days.

Their kids are never going to believe it.

5. Thank you clueless greeter.

I hope they went back and thanked him for being a ditz.

4. Thank goodness he played along.

Could have been pretty awkward otherwise.

3. Ah, the forever date that doesn’t end.

A classic.

2. A meeting of the minds.

These are the best kinds of matches.

1. Funny how that worked out.

I wonder if they’re still friends with the friends.


So cute, right? I really should have tried harder.

Do you and your spouse have a cute story about how you met? If so, please lay it on us in the comments!