Setting aside the fact that people are literally burning the world down in the name of likes and shares, can we talk about how strange it is that we assume the world-at-large is at all interested in what bits are between our babies’ legs?

Like, in this day and age and with our current understanding of gender – mainly how there are so many more than two, and most of us won’t have a full idea of what that means for us until we’re older – it’s so strange to me that these parties are still a thing.

I mean, they’re obviously about attention for the parents, not the babes, a truth – among others – that these 11 memes nail on the head.

11. People would absolutely beat that thing.

All in the name of learning about baby bits.

Image Credit: Someecards

10. So much for the nursery.

Scorched-walls chic.

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9. Is that not how it works?

There really aren’t rules, to be fair. Or lines.

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8. That one is definitely a boy.

I’m just sayin’.

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7. This is 100% true.

It’s the main thing we can learn from this trend.

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6. Kickin’ it old school.

Not destroying the world and stuff.

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5. It’s just an idea.

You made Smokey the Bear curse!

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4. Looks like a rager.

In all the wrong ways.

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3. The line must be drawn here.

Or it should have been, before the fires.

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2. Please do your part.

It’s going to take all of us, apparently.

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1. Just what none of us ever wanted.

Literally no one.

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We’ve got to put a stop to this, but how?

Ideas in the comments, people!