Raising kids is tough no matter what gender or orientation they are, but there do seem to be specifics that typically apply to raising girls vs anything else.

So, if you’ve got girls at home, these 11 memes should seem pretty familiar.

Take a look!

11. You know where they learned it.

It can’t all be genetics.

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10. How else is she supposed to maintain for all eternity?

Think, woman!

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9. Everything you do is wrong.

Embrace it.

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8. That’s a bad moment.

Also a good one, in retrospect.

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7. Yes, please come get her.

It will be better for all of us.

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6. That’s a generous estimate.

Maybe by the time she rolls out of bed.

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5. Every time.

It never gets old

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4. You gotta draw a line in the sand.

One day, she’ll have kids of her own.

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3. It’s a fine line.

May you walk it well.

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2. Whatever words.

Communication is key.

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1. I recognize this face.

It is common among parents who have heard “mom, look!” a billion times in one day.

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I have boys, and I’ve gotta say, I’m not mad! In fact, I might actually be okay with the fact I have boys. Because girls sound like a handful.

And then, when they grow up… oh boy. I can’t even imagine the kind of fights we would have gotten in.

If you’ve got girls, tell us how true these memes are in the comments!

Thanks, fam!