I remember a story my parents used to tell about my sister; she was asked in school what her dad did for a living and she replied “he sits at his desk and reads his newspaper.”

Kids don’t actually know how the world works, so it makes sense that the nuance of our jobs outside the home are mostly lost on them.

Which is probably why these 11 tots only thought they knew what their parents did for a living.

11. Did she, though?

I’m sure she did sometimes.

10. I’m sure that’s part of it.

But there’s a lot more. Probably.

9. Yeah that’s not the same thing.

It is funny, though.

8. Uh-oh. Someone’s getting called into the boss’s office.

Kids, man. You can’t trust them.

7. Seems like a good gig if you can get it.

I’m not sure they pay you for that, though.

6. To a little boy, that probably seems cooler.

Super awkward at parent-teacher conferences, though.

5. Sometimes they’re using it to their advantage.

Smart little boogers.

4. Where’s the lie, though?

It’s all semantics.

3. If it’s the only thing you remember, it must be the only thing that happened.

Kid logic.

2. That escalated quickly.

“Something to do with chemicals” was in her head.

1. Somebody watches too many movies.

I approve.

I am dying, y’all. Kids are just the best.

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