Our parents existence outside of our home lives is super confusing for a number of years.

Like, we know they go somewhere while we’re at school or daycare. We might even know where, and that they make money there or whatever, but honestly, kids are too wrapped up thinking about Nerf guns and the Tooth Fairy and the next time they’re going to get candy to really pay attention to what their parents are on about.

Which is probably how these 10 wrong – but funny – explanations for what their parents do for a living came to be.

Let’s take a look!

10. So not too far off.

Neither is interesting enough to impress kids.

9. Definitely something true in there.

I’m not sure which part.

8. I bet he loved that.

I hope he was a confident man.

7. They sort of sound the same.

I’m on the kid’s side, here.

6. That might be what she does, but it’s not what she does.

Or is it?

5. I mean, she does.

She just also sells them.

4. Sometimes we don’t even know where their heads are.

To be fair, neither do they.

3. That probably seemed like the best job ever.

I know I would like it.

Image Credit: Twitter


2. I bet she secretly loved that.

I know I would.

1. Kind of like a pirate.

Talk about a dream job.

Kids are just awesome, don’t you think?

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