Technically speaking, almost no kid is as smart as they think they are. They don’t seem to be able to account for experience as something to be desired or helpful, and assume that because it’s the first time they’ve thought of something, it must be the first time anyone ever thought of it.

That sort of thing.

These 12 kids are learning the hard way that they’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m here for it.

12. Everything is about the branding.

Even parenting, apparently.

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11. They really do watch everything.

And yeah, mimic it, no matter how strange.

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10. Poor little kiddo.

We’re all too hard on ourselves sometimes.

Honestly…. I can relate
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9. Sure he did.

My guess is he was just a great actor.

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8. Oh man his parents did not know what to say.

How awkward.

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7. Being an author, this makes sense.

I can’t believe it’s not a thing, actually.

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6. Bless his heart.

I wonder how long he beat at those things.

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5. Seriously, no one brought him potatoes?

After all of that?

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4. You know the almost-age is important.

Maybe not to a computer, though.

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3. Kids are just so delightfully strange.

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2. That is just terrible and hilarious.

I wouldn’t know what to go with, as a mom.

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1. Nailed it.

At least, you’ll tell him he did.

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You’ve gotta love these moments as a parent, right?

If you’ve had a similar one with one of your offspring, please share the story with us in the comments!