If we’re being honest, these memes should be for absolutely everyone – because there’s no one I know, be it teachers, students, parents, or even employers, who is not completely over distance learning.

That doesn’t mean we don’t understand why we’re still doing it or agree that it’s necessary, it’s more just an acknowledgement that it totally and completely sucks.

If you agree (I know you do!), you’re going to love these 10 memes.

10. Hey, subs just do what they’re told.

Except for the snack part.

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9. This meme is good for just so many things.

We’re all Joey these days.

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8. We all get it now.

The nice people got it before, though.

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7. Just a few little bumps in the road.

We’re all fine.

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6. I have no words.

Neither does anyone else in the class, I’d wager.

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5. That’s extra motivation right there.

She’s going to push you right over the edge.

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4. Technology is really making lying hard for these kids.

We know they know how it works.

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3. It might take a while to debrief.

They’re having recess next.

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2. He might be there alone.

It will be an adventure!

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1. They don’t have the answers.

Because no one is asking them what they think.

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I’m so ready for normal, and that’s not a word I ever loved before this year.

What do you miss most about the 2019 world? Let’s commiserate in the comments!