Though it remains to be seen how well the hit 90s television show Friends will age, there’s no denying that it’s probably never going to stop being an integral part of pop culture for all of eternity.

Which means that, even for casual fans of the show, references are likely not lost on you – and if you’re a parent now, these 15 memes are going to hit just right.

15. The moment you realize it’s too good to be true.

That goes double if you have a puppy.

14. It’s good, but someone is missing.

It’s the dog.

13. The strangers are thinking the same thing.

Speaking from experience.

12. Hey, you still gotta enjoy it.

Let people look.

11. Don’t fall into the trap, new parents.

It’s never going to happen like you want it to.

10. The Ross “I’m fine” meme has so many uses.

Especially this year.

9. That’s the nicest thing I can think of.

Is there an alcohol that starts with ‘O.’

8. No one really wants advice.

They just want someone to come over with coffee and offer to fold some laundry.

7. Holidays are different now.

Not bad, just different.

6. The key is to take a lot of photos.

And sometimes that doesn’t even work.

5. If only it were that easy.

It’s not. You have to keep pretending to be interested.

4. A truer meme there never has been.

The good news is, everything is a phase.

3. “You’re lame!”

I try to refrain but it’s hard.

2. You will never hate yourself more.

The good thing is, most kids sleep like the dead.

1. New parents are cute.

Sweet summer child.

I have to admit, even though there are some cringey moments in the reruns, I still turn them on when I’m in need of comforting background noise.

What are your thoughts on Friends these days? Let’s start a discussion in the comments!