Kids are funny, even when they’re not trying to be. Maybe especially when they’re not trying to be, if we’re honest, but most kids are too young to post their hijinks online.

That’s where their parents come in, and these 13 tweets about the funny things kids say are definitely worth the scroll.

13. I mean, who doesn’t?

Stupid society.

12. Sometimes that’s the best way to teach a lesson.

And if it’s also funny, I mean…

11. Think about someone other than yourself, Dad.

Geez Louise.

10. Some days our bs meter is higher than others.

But it’s never infinite.

9. These might be connected.

Also, what does he want?

8. You can always find something nice to say.

And they’re just happy you’re talking to them.

7. Not to mentioned half-finished meals.

No, they’re never going to eat the rest of that later.

6. Eh, enjoy the break.

Tomorrow she’ll be mad at him.

5. “How about a knuckle sandwich?”

-Every Dad Ever

4. That’s downright hilarious.

And not a terrible philosophy when it comes to life.

3. She’s going to be an expert by the time she’s a teenager.

Practice makes perfect.

2. He could have said it.

They don’t care.

1. The truth no one tells you.

You figure it out on your own, after it’s too late.

My kids crack me up all the time but I’m too tired to tweet about it most of the time.

What has your kid said lately that’s tweet-worthy? Share it with us in the comments!