Cream rises to the top, but with so many hilarious parents giving us their best humor on Twitter every single day, it can still be hard to skim off the very best ones all by yourself.

That’s where we come in – and these 11 tweets are really some of the ones you shouldn’t miss this week.

11. Time for a life lesson.

Make a list of things Mommy doesn’t want to do every day.

10. Subtle but important difference.

If you say so, Dad.

9. It’s almost like he’s…not human.

I’m just saying.

8. Wait until you’re 40.

Things are downhill from here.

7. We know these consequences all too well.

And yet we keep buying Legos.

6. Way too early for any conversation at all, tbh.

Why do they want to talk before coffee?

5. It can go either way.

Depends on what else has been going on that day.

4. Plus all of the song and dance numbers.

That’s got to be a bonus.

3. It’s the best show there is.

According to anyone under the age of 10.

2. You really can’t expect anything else.

Definitely doing it right.

1. It’s not a long list.

And none of it is fresh.

Parenting can be a universal experience in some ways, don’t you think? After all… we were all children. Even if we don’t have children ourselves, we understand that dynamic of at least being around parents and seeing their struggles firsthand… because we’re causing them. 😉

So that’s our hot take! What’s yours? Which of these have you already shared with a friend?

Tell us below in the comments!