Ok, ok, as a member of Generation X – even on the tail end – I acknowledge that we may not love these memes. Or at least, we’re not going to admit it if we do, because we don’t do effusive.

And that’s ok.

If you’re one of my people, though I promise that you’re going to, at the very least, enjoy these 11 memes.

11. We’re honestly loving it.

We grew up on the sidelines. We live here quite comfortably.

Image Credit: Someecards

10. Such is the life of one who straddles the line.

Good thing our lives are so awesome otherwise.

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9. No, they don’t.

Which is weird when you think about how awesome we are.

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8. I am in this image and don’t like it.

Or maybe I do. I honestly can’t decide.

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7. Our entertainment standards are extremely low.

All of the good stuff went off the air years ago.

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6. Thank goodness the mom jeans and flannel are back.

I’m sure the rest of it is on its way.

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5. Not that we care if you agree.

We definitely don’t.

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4. Yes, we are always pretty chill.

Yes, that sometimes has to do with the self-medication.

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3. We have it perfected.

No, we’re not afraid to pull it out in the middle of a Target checkout, either.

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2. It’s what we were made for.

Also, no one remembers us so they can’t get mad. It works out perfectly!

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1. The truth has been spoken.

Don’t bother to argue because we’re not listening.

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Was I right? Just give me a head tip and go about your business if the answer is yes.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of Gen X?

Let’s celebrate our awesomeness (quietly and alone) in the comments!