Before you become a mom, I think you assume that women are exaggerating the profoundly different person you become right after it happens. Once you pass through that veil, though, there’s no going back – and you wouldn’t want to.

It’s all made even better when you make friends with other women you really get your life – and if you love that feeling, you’re going to adore the one you get from these 11 memes that are just for you.

11. We all have that in common.

Celebrities are just people, too.

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10. It’s definitely not loser.

I’m just saying.

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9. Not judging, but you’re not going to like me.

It’s nothing personal.

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8. Your real friends will understand.

They’ll switch to text and/or Marco Polo.

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7. One of many benefits we should receive.

I don’t see any of them coming down the pike any time soon.

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6. I have said this so many times.

They don’t get it, but it’s still funny.

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5. Every single time.

I actually think they can sense it even if you don’t look at them.

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4. Life really is tough, isn’t it?

They have to learn that lesson sometime.

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3. It would almost make you laugh.

If it was happening to someone else and/or you had endless time on your hands.

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2. I have made this exact face.

Today. “Mommy” is my 2yo’s favorite word.

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1. This is great advice.

You could probably charge double, too.

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I need more mom friends, y’all. Don’t we all?

Tell me in the comments where you met your best mom friend!