You know that moment, when you had so much confidence and you were sure you were going to pull something off…and then, the second after it’s too late to change your mind, you realize things are not going to turn out as you planned?

It’s not a great moment, when it happens to you. When you’re watching it happen to someone else, though – particularly a child you most likely warned ahead of time, it can be just the slightest bit funny.

12. This is adorable.

I wouldn’t even fix it. It’s perfect.

11. I mean, he put it away.

Perhaps his plan was to do it wrong the whole time.

10. Hmm. Now there’s an idea if I’ve ever heard one.

From the mouths of babes…

9. Maybe next time he’ll ask for help.

Only maybe, though. Let’s be honest.

8. I will never get over this story.

I’m so glad the parents could laugh about it.

7. It’s between two slice of bread, so it is technically a sandwich.

With bones in the middle, but still.

6. They can’t all be geniuses.

At least they knew where the batteries went.

5. I actually think this is the moment the parent had regrets.

The kid just did what they asked, after all.–jusgjfl/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=e7148571-e217-4454-8f66-efc4977b1b6a

4. Kids are just so sweet, right?

Show this to a friend thinking about having them.

3. I am laughing way too hard at this.

Thank goodness she checked!

2. The pizza is away.

And in the fridge, too! You just might not be able to eat it again.

1. At least he tried.

Am I the only one who thinks this looks kind of genius?

I know I’m terrible for laughing, but admit it – you totally were, too.

Tell us about a moment like this that happened to you. We’re all ears in the comments!