Memes are great for those moments in life where you want to be seen, you need a laugh, but you don’t want to think too hard about it.

If you’re a parent, that seems to be most moments, so please, take a few and enjoy these 11.

11. Doorbells should never ring in the evening.

Unless you’re delivering booze.

10. I’m not even bothered by it, either.

There’s no energy.

9. Everyone is doing the best they can.

Some of us are doing better than others.

8. Are we sure it’s the juice.

They’re probably just crazy.

7. The mini-me’s are the worst.

Also they’re the best.

6. Just make sure you laugh privately.

Because that sh%t is funny.

5. My parents put me to bed when it was still light outside.

I’m not even mad at them anymore.

4. Don’t actually try this at home.

You’ll die.

3. The truth is that it’s all hard.

It’s all worth it, but it’s not easy.

2. The accuracy, it burns.

They’re not even listening.

1. I’m just hanging on until this day comes.

Only another decade or so.

Well, that’s just the laugh I needed this morning, how about you? Laughs are really essential in the morning because they can be even better at coffee for making me wake up and starting the day off right.

You feel the same? Yeah you do!

Tell us in the comments which one you already forwarded to a fellow mom or dad!

Or, if you have one you’d like to share with the world, post that in the comments!

Thanks fam!