I’m convinced that 99.9% of mothers feel like they’re not doing their best job some days. We’re human and it’s impossible to always be present, always be giving 100%, and never be distracted or make mistakes in how we deal with situations that arise.

The fact that we’re worrying and feeling guilty probably means we are doing our best, though, and what more could we ask?

If you’re wondering whether or not your worries are normal, these 11 honest moms are here to share theirs.

11. This, you can let go.

Must be the first babe.

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10. You can wonder how to fill the hours.

And that can make you feel ungrateful for all you have.

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9. There is always guilt.

Try to enjoy the time you have.

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8. We all have that point.

Just some space to breathe in the quiet.

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7. They have to be provided for.

Some day they will understand that.

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6. The important thing is that you don’t.

None of the other stuff matters.

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5. It’s temporary.

And she’s going to have to learn to share, anyway.

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4. This must be so hard.

I hate that anyone has to worry about this.

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3. A brave face is tough.

The little boy needs it.

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2. It would not make you a bad mom.

The pain does resolve, though. Give it two weeks.

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1. We do what we have to do.

They will get it one day.

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I’ve had most of these feelings at one time or another, I swear.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve felt guilty about as a mom? Share with us in the comments!