Millennials get a lot of flack from all sides, but listen – if there’s one thing they can lay claim to, it’s a pretty amazing set of childhood circumstances. From late GenX through the Millennial years, kids grew up largely free from social media and the other internet potholes that upset so many apple carts, and so it makes sense that when we think back, it all seems rather nice.

If you’re looking for some rose-colored memories of yesteryear, we’ve got you covered with these 11 posts.

11. Owning music was a lot more complicated.

And not technically legal.

Probably the worst one I’ve seen
byu/RacinRandy83x ingatekeeping

10. Not me.

There weren’t enough lines for all of my reading progress.

9. Were they worth it?

I guess we all thought so.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

8. Why were those such good days?

The comfort of knowing you were going home, maybe.

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7. Every single one of these.

Wow. These hit hard.

Pure nostalgia, those were the days
byu/Q22nd inmemes

6. They looked so soft.

Our first lessons that looks could be deceiving.

Anyone remember those mats that didnt even soften the fall when you landed on them?
byu/Spoopychillz innostalgia

5. When just getting to go to McDonalds at all was a treat.

My kids are so spoiled.

4. The star toothpaste!

It didn’t really hold its shape, but it did taste pretty yum.

3. The static people have nowhere else to go.

Good luck trying to sleep now.

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2. Those were the best days.

You probably had a substitute, too.

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1. This is perfection.

The messed up screen and everything.

Ahhh, to be a kid again.

That would be pretty darn nice, don’t you think?