When we’re young, we often don’t really have to focus on clean eating and exercise in order to stay fit. We’ve got good metabolism, our lifestyles are often more active by nature, and honestly, we’re lucky not to have to think about it.

It doesn’t seem fair that, once we become parents and have almost no time to ourselves, all of that abandons us. We finally need to exercise, but it’s a struggle to figure out how to make that happen.

Here are 11 parents who nail this struggle on the head.

11. She missed out on all of those steps.

Oh, well.

10. There were such high hopes.

Now it’s an exercise equipment museum.

9. She’s living her best life.

Don’t be jealous.

8. Wrong.

I hear some people actually like it. Weirdos.

7. You don’t want to step on any LEGO.

And you can pretend you’re going for a walk afterward.

6. That right there is motivation.

Or a reason to drink. Maybe both?

5. It’s pretty much 24/7.

We balance it with sneaked cookies.

4. Basements aren’t so bad.

As long as there’s access to snacks.


3. They say the sweetest things.

These children that you brought into existence.

2. That took a twist.

I approve of it, wholeheartedly.

1. She’s onto something.

Who needs to be fit if you can just LOOK fit?


The struggle is just so real. *sob*

But I think the best thing, really, is that we have a place to vent about all of this, right?

If you’re able to find time to exercise, share your witchcraft with us in the comments!