It’s always a good time to celebrate the great teachers out there – and there are so, so many people out there doing the good work, day in and day out. A good teacher can make the difference between success and failure for kids who are in need of a push, and luckily, there are so many waiting to step into that void.

If celebrating awesome teachers makes you smile, you’re going to love these 11 sweet and wholesome posts about the ones doing it right.

11. They do our best to build us up.

The rest is up to us.

Teachers are the best
byu/TreKs inMadeMeSmile

10. How sweet.

That teacher has not aged a day.

Growing up
byu/IncandescentlyHappy inMadeMeSmile

9. The grin on his face, y’all.

My heart cannot take it.

An amazing teacher
byu/Good_quality_OwO inMadeMeSmile

8. Teachers can go either way.

That makes us all the more thankful for the second type.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Be human.
byu/mtimetraveller inMadeMeSmile

7. Why is this story so pure?

I hope that man has someone at home who loves him.

Teacher appreciation 🙂
byu/bluemoonshine inMadeMeSmile

6. Teachers are humans, too.

They still want the best for us, even when they’re struggling.

I think I understand why people become teachers
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5. She is indeed the cutest ever.

No argument here.

A+ for this teacher!
byu/one_loop inMadeMeSmile

4. This should be the rule and not the exception.

Times are changing, let’s go along.

All families look different! And that’s what makes them beautiful <3
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3. I’m going to need a whole list of just these.

You’ll all thank me later.

The best photography genre
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2. Pets are the best thing about Zoom.

It’s time we all go ahead and admit that.

Good teacher
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1. I want to give this man a hug.

I also want to learn that dance!

Teachers are so much more than just educators
byu/irishrugby2015 inMadeMeSmile

Teachers like this are heroes, honestly.

If you’ve got a great story about a teacher you love, drop it in the comments!