The majority of the days in our lives will be unremarkable. They’ll be a lot like the one before, and the one that comes after, and they’ll be a regular mixture of highs and lows that we all handle like experts.

Some days will be lovely and wonderful and memorable…and others, like these 11, will be full of the sort of mundane fails that, when they build up, make you want to run screaming into the night.

11. Are we sure it was an accident?

Because I’m thinking dad ordered these for himself.

55 dvds of fun
byu/mirandanielcz inWellthatsucks

10. This dad will never have room to talk again.

A terrible thing, that.

Felt bad already that I wasn’t able to go on our annual fishing trip with my dad and then he sent me this…
byu/Brandnewgasm inWellthatsucks

9. When you’re kind of proud…

But also angry at having to clean yet another thing.

“Now I know my ABCs, I’ll write them on our SUV”
byu/unneekway inWellthatsucks

8. There’s nothing worse than ruining eggs.

I have actually cried over it before.

7. That…is not a cat.

The sound I would have made.

My grandma came home to this.
byu/Sir_Red_Beard inWellthatsucks

6. Well this is awkward.

He definitely did not want to go back in the house.

While heating up the barbecue grill, my dad somehow managed to melt the side of our house.
by inWellthatsucks

5. They were playing with fire.

It was only a matter of time until this happened.

4. Oh, Woody.

There are Sids everywhere, I suppose.

3. That looks nothing like a ghost.

I am dying.

2. Newborns are a special sort of hell.

On the bright side, he probably won’t even remember this.

1. Who wants Chinese food?

I hope the grocery store is still open.

First year mom trusted me with the turkey.
byu/speedbarf inWellthatsucks

Man, I can definitely wait for the next time one of these days comes for me!

When’s the last time you could do nothing right? Confess your fails down in the comments.