There are certainly things that no one tells you about being a parent until you learn it for yourself, but I’m not sure if this is on purpose, or if there are things you’ll just never understand until you’re standing in those white New Balance sneaks yourself.

If you’re listening, there are parents out there who aren’t pulling any punches with the harsh (but hilarious) truth – and we think we’ve got 11 great examples below.

11. Time to talk about an inside voice.

They have no idea what they want or how they’re feeling most of the time.

10. Mmm, nice and flabby.

Why don’t they make bedding out of skin flab?

9. A missed opportunity for sure.

It’s not too late, though. Shall we vote?

8. They really gouge you on those things.

You feel like a terrible parent if you just opt out.

7. The worst part is, he probably believes that.

Sweet, summer child.

6. They’re so proud of themselves.

The kids are going to be the first to go in the robot uprising. No respect.

5. They’re not so good at keeping secrets.

Which is honestly a feature most days.

4. That day comes for all of us.

Time to develop some thick skin.

3. It can’t look any worse than my normal getup.

Because obviously I’ve given up.

2. Who’s gonna tell him?

After you let him have the win for at least a few minutes, I mean.

1. A chip off the old block…

But your own tiny psyche is making you nervous.

I mean, these are really great examples of “funny because it’s true,” right?

Which one are you for sure going to pass along to a parent friend? Tell us in the comments!