People around the world might live their lives differently and might believe differently and parent differently, but if you’re a parent, there is a set of circumstances that you’re all too aware of, no matter the rest of it.

Which means that when things go wrong, or something strikes you as funny, or your kids are on your very last nerve, the only other people who can truly get it are other parents – and these 11 people are sharing, because they want you to say “I understand.”

11. Hey, style is very personal.

If my kid turns out as awesome as Dan Levy, I’ll be thrilled.

10. You have been diagnosed with “parenthood.”

Have some coffee and an ibuprofen for your back.

9. The dogs are hoping it’s from Chewy.

This picture is just too cute I can’t.

8. This is so true I could cry.

My house is never picked up for more than an hour.

7. No instruction manual or anything.

Literally all their doctor cares about is if they’re gaining weight.

6. This is a decent hack.

You could even listen to a podcast or audiobook while you’re in there.

5. I would book this today.

Tomorrow, too, and in a few weeks I’ll do it all over again.

4. That’s some quick thinking.

And he couldn’t stop eating leaves then, so bonus vegetables!

3. I’m sure she gets that from somewhere.

I’m just saying.

2. If that includes a bunch of ice cream then my mother is on board.

It’s a far cry from how she raised me, I can tell you that.

1. Outside is amazing to newborns.

Literally everything is new to them.

I mean, solidarity, right?

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