Marriage is great, and also it’s horrible, and honestly, there can be entire years that are one or the other. To stay in it and focused, you’ve gotta be able to laugh at the absurdity that is living with another person for the rest of your days.

These 11 posts are here to make you laugh while still keeping it real.

11. A curtsey would also do.

As long as you wave your arm.

10. Show don’t tell.

That’s how you teach the best lessons.

9. This is how you make it work.

She’s going to spit in that beer, though.

8. Stuff like that isn’t annoying at all!

It is justification for murder, though.

7. How else will you know who won?

Yes, there has to be a winner in all things.

6. We like to avoid those whenever possible.

They get in the way of our Netflix time.

5. You can hate chew almost anything.

These are the facts of life.

4. Ah, the secret to every relationship’s success.

Or, just how you know you’re in a relationship.

3. The cat will be staying.

Get yourself some allergy meds, man!

2. Bahahaha if you know you know.

It starts young, too.

1. It was a good deal!

Also, protip, freeze the grapes.

I’m laughing so I don’t cry today, how about you? Are you crying? Laughing? Both at the same time?

Also, which one of these hit the nail on the head the hardest for you? There are so many for me, it’s hard to pick just one.

Tell us in the comments!