I hear there are people who are happily married, who get along every day and the workload is equal and no one ever thinks about murdering the other person in their sleep and making it look like an accident.

For the rest of us, there are tweets like these 12, because we’re here to tell it like it is.

12. She’s just saving up for a good lawyer.

I want to murder whoever invented the snooze alarm.

11. Why do you have to be so LOUD?

Is it in male DNA? What is happening?

10. You get what you ask for.

Very literally sometimes.

9. That’s true love.

Not lust, but love.

8. That was a bad five minutes.

And then it was funny.

7. That’s what she thinks of your taste.

Honesty is (mostly) the best policy.

6. I don’t even know why they sell those things.

Honestly, only monsters buy them.

5. Hahaha and everybody laughed.

Except him, I guess.

4. And after a few years, one hates the other one.

Stop being like that! You’re an adult!

3. That’s quite the downer.

And yes, it will happen to all of us.

2. Just wait until you have kids.

No one is ever listening.

1. We’ve heard every suggestion in the book.

It’s pretty exhausting at this point tbh.

I mean, I’m not running out or anything, but I can relate.

Which one of these was the most real for you? Let us know in the comments!