Kids are perceptive. They call things like they see them, and their minds are creative and not inhibited by the worries over whether they’re right, wrong, or whether or not people will laugh at them.

Which is why kids like these 12 should be allowed to name (and re-name) whatever they like – we would all live in a more creative, evocative world if they did!

12. It is delicious on toast.

And anything else you want to spread it on.

11. Yeah, why do only arms get sleeves?

Why do we make everything so difficult?

10. They had to go with “hookers.”

Plain “hooks” just wouldn’t do I suppose.

9. I can’t wait until he says that in public.

It’s going to be beautiful.

8. No one in their right mind would ever skip a bonus round.

I approve this message.

7. And everybody loves those.

It’s the perfect two things to conflate.

6. Attention, ladies everywhere.

We’ll all be referring to our lady bits this way from now on.

5. So, they’re not part of her legs?

I’m trying to figure this one out.

4. It makes such poetic sense.

Their little minds!

3. That word is too big for his little ears!

Just call them delicious next time.

2. Same here.

Even though no one in their right mind would want an alligator ride!

1. Charging them up to be delicious.

What if they injected butter and salt into the inside ooooooo.

I’m just in love with some of these!

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