Everyone says that kids are great for making us laugh, and for making us see the world through new eyes, and anyone who has heard a child “name” something can definitely tell you that’s true.

These 13 kids, you have to admit, really seem to be onto something here!

13. Eh, that’s pretty much the same thing.

Except to the penguins, I guess.

12. I mean, what else do you use it for?

Maybe ramen.

11. This sounds oddly dirty.

Unless you say it in a 2yo’s voice.

10. Aren’t boys charming?

You have to admit it’s creative.


9. That should definitely be a thing.

I love cake, I love bagels. In fact, I want one right now!

8. They’ll be ruling the place before you know it.

I hope they write screenplays together.

7. Christmas makes everything better.

And so do bagels, so.

6. A darkly apt description.

That’s all I have to say about that.

5. I mean, that is what it says on the box.

Don’t go calling Harvard yet?


4. I love it when they hatch.

Especially when they’re sweet and salty.

3. Well that’s rude.

But okay, also funny.


2. That’s what Mom says when she sees them!

This one just cracked me up.

1. Beaks are cooler than snouts.

We all know it’s true.


I’m going to use some of these, for sure!

What’s your favorite word that your family adopted after your kid got it wrong (right)? Tell us in the comments!