Some days it can be hard to remember why we don’t all go on rage sprees just about every day, because there’s no getting around the fact that humans are exhausting – and most often, those are the moments and stories that get the most attention.

That said, it’s important to note that people can also be sweet and thoughtful and giving and just all-around great, too.

If you need that reminder today, these 11 heartwarming memes should do the trick.

11. They live in a party house and didn’t even know it.

But seriously, Monopoly?

Image Credit: Someecards

10. I love people that care about plants.

Those babies needed water, and he was just the man to do it.

Image Credit: Someecards

9. They will do anything she asks.

And that’s honestly how it should be.

Image Credit: Someecards

8. You’ve gotta hold onto those things.

The horrible stuff is so much easier to remember.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. Just a taste of the power.

That’s all it takes, my friends.

Image Credit: Someecards

6. Words with Friends indeed.

Who knew you could make new friends on there, too?

Image Credit: Someecards

5. Are they trying to break our hearts?

Someone is cutting onions in here.

Image Credit: Someecards

4. They know everyone wants to pet the dog.

Even if no one is there to roll down the window.

Image Credit: Someecards

3. Look how happy he looks.

I’m not ok after seeing this picture, y’all.

Image Credit: Someecards

2. There really was nothing like fresh school supplies, right?

Those are some boss lunchbox choices.

Image Credit: Someecards

1. Live and learn and all of that.

Put your mistakes to good use.

Image Credit: Someecards

I’m feeling less rage-y now; how about you?

How do you remind yourself that most humans are pretty cool? Share your tips with us in the comments!