If there’s anything in the world that is amazing and awful, sometimes at the very same time, it’s having siblings. You grew up together, they know everything about you, and yeah…fine, you have to love them, right?

If you have siblings, these 11 tweets are going to be a whole mixed bag of mostly good feelings – just like your sibs.

11. Ugh I still have nightmares about sharing a bathroom.

My husband isn’t much better but at least we have two sinks.


10. It’s all based on a degree of need.

Like, you can get your own water but only I can give you a kidney.


9. All’s fair in love and war.

If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

8. No one is allowed to kill them except you.

Or talk badly about them, either.

7. Why is this so true?

Who needs self confidence, right?

6. Some things definitely aren’t for sharing.

Secrets, yes. Your favorite snacks, no.

5. You never know when you’re going to need to get out of something.

Or when you’re going to need some good blackmail.

4. Having a sister is why I’m still super territorial over my ice cream.

You’ve got to find a good hiding place for that stuff.

3. It’s like a car accident.

You can’t look away but also you don’t want to.

2. If you didn’t have this conversation do you even have siblings?

No, you do not.


1. That took a turn.

You never see it coming, either.

Awww, I kind of want to call my sister and give her a hard time and also a hug!

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