We don’t expect kids to know everything – after all, they’re sort of new here and there’s a lot to learn!

That said, we also don’t expect to be able to keep ourselves from chuckling when they pull totally bonehead moves – like these 12 kids, who definitely still have a lot to learn.

12. What an incredibly proud moment.

I am dying.

Image Credit: Reddit

11. It’s really hard to explain to toddlers that mice aren’t our friends.

*shakes fist at Walt Disney*

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10. A girl after my own heart.

Sausage is life. OTP.

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9. Nope. Don’t like that.

I’m afraid we’re out of time today, hon.

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Maybe the lesson was actually about irony.

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7. My 3yo does this with all foods.

Edges are death, apparently.

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6. We all need armor, okay.

Maybe not with so many holes, but.

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5. Never trust them when they’re quiet.

I can’t stop gagging.

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4. Some kids are climbers.

But yeah, that’s excessive you little sh%t.

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3. Baby just TRY to pay attention.

Or maybe he only understands the concept of directions?

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2. I imagine they wanted hot chocolate?

Or something?

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1. Or maybe they DID switch them.

It would serve you right, you little brat.

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I love posts like these – it’s one of the best things about having kids, right?

What’s the funniest dumb thing your kid has said? Share it with us in the comments!