Dads are a lot of things – protective, funny, gruff, sweet, and yeah, clueless. It’s part of their charm, right?

And you tell me what’s more charming than a guy doing his best, but who never sees a big ol’ fail coming, even though the rest of us can spot it a mile off.

You can’t! Which is why you’re going to love these 12 clueless dads as much as we do.

12. What was he using to swat a fly, a hammer?

Whatever it was, seems like overkill.

11. That’s one way to scar your child for life.

Just one, though. There are more.

10. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Men, I swear.

9. That is not how microwave popcorn works.

Or microwaves in general, for that matter.

8. We’re all getting older, okay?

No judgement.

7. In case you were wondering whether there was a difference.

Because this dad didn’t think he would get busted, either.

6. That…is not going to taste right.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to try it, though?

5. How do you miss that?

It had to be on purpose, right? A joke?

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When you leave Daddy in charge of the youngest’s packed lunch #dadfail

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4. What is with that almond milk packaging though?

It’s like they want to confuse people.

3. I choose to believe he was pulling her leg.

The other option is too dumb.

2. Someday that information will come in handy.

Dads live for moments like these.

1. I have no idea what to say about this.

Just…how do you not know that.

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I’ve been a stay at home for more than five years. In May, I started working part-time and this morning I had an event that started before school drop off. My husband stayed home and helped get the kids out for school. Apparently, my daughter decided to wear underwear (not just any underwear but thick diaper like training underwear used for potty training) and told my husband they were “short shorts.” Based on her smile and the fact she locked her door while getting dressed, I’m pretty sure she knew they weren’t shorts!! Swipe ➡️ to see the messages that followed once I was informed of the situation, plus a picture of my daughter in school in underwear and the message I received from my girlfriend who filled me in on what was taking place! At least my husband remembered to brush the girls teeth and clean their newly pierced ears… so there’s that! 🤦‍♀️😂🤦‍♀️😂 . . . #workingmoms #worklifemomlife #headshake #funnymorning #lifeofaworkingmom #stayathomemom #stayathomemomlife #toddlers #threeyearsold #itsagoodstory #lotsoflaughs #lol #todayparentingteam #todayshow #todayshowparents #buzzfeedparenting #buzzfeedparents #scarymommy

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Awww, bless their hearts.

If you’ve got a similar story about your dad (or husband) we want to hear it in the comments!