It’s been a rough several months for parents, and we were all honestly hoping that the end of the summer would spell relief.

Let’s not go back and tell these 15 parents that there’s not really a light at the end of the tunnel, because I’m not sure they’ll be okay if we do.

15. You have to take advantage of the lying while they’re little.

Someday they will be able to tell time, too.

14. If you are excited about something, they will ruin it.

That’s the rules.

13. It’s definitely scary.

But there’s more avoiding people.

12. May we all aspire to such a thing.

I would kill for that kind of confidence.

11. We definitely all know how she feels.

So leave her alone, lady!

10. And somehow, it’s full of twice as much liquid as it should be.

Toddlers are basically sorcerers.

9. Your favorite child could change depending on the day.

Same goes for your least favorite child.

8. Tomorrow you will be the Worst Mom Ever.

They like to keep you in check.

7. Ah, raising teens.

Not a one of us is prepared.

6. At least someone else is entertained.

Take solace in that.

5. He will know if you do it wrong, too.

Even if it’s just one little piece.

4. A truer statement has never been uttered.

I’m just relieved I like my own kids, honestly.

3. It’s like college all over again.

Those dang sorority girls.

2. They’re adorable, aren’t they?

At least they’re funny sometimes.

1. That is terrifying.

Where is the brain bleach?!

I can so relate, how about you?

Tell us your tips and tricks for surviving at home – we all need some more!