When you’ve been dating someone for a while, and you like each other, at some point the two of you will meet each other’s families. It’s usually not a huge deal (but bonus points if you really like them), but apparently sometimes it’s a total turnoff.

I would never have thought it, but these 12 stories totally changed my mind – I wouldn’t have stayed in these relationships either!

12. There’s definitely something not right there.

“I had a boyfriend who had a creepy habit of flirting with his mother. His mother was equally odd and made loud comments about my sex life with her son. She’d also ring me up to nag me into moving in with him. She was, in all honesty, one of the reasons I broke off the relationship.”

11. Oh my god, she was dating George Costanza!

“My ex’s family had this tradition of insulting the birthday boy/girl while they sat silently eating a slice of cake. The rules were you could say anything and they just had to take it. When it was my ex’s sister’s birthday, they said really awful things to her, then turned to me — as I sat there, shocked — and said, ‘Don’t you have anything to add? Play the game with us!’

I was like, ‘Nah, man. I just met all of you yesterday.’ I knew then that I never wanted to celebrate my birthday with them because it would end with me in tears. Luckily, he dumped me in front of my whole family about three months later (during our Christmas party!).”

10. That’s a double NO right there.

“I was about to have sex with a guy when his mother walked into his place to pick up his laundry.”

9. I’ve gotta think this was a sign.

“My ex left my birthday party because his mom called him and told him she wanted a pizza. He didn’t come back, either, even though he lived less than 10 minutes away.”

8. Definitely an awkward situation to walk into.

“This guy brought me home to meet his parents, but I wasn’t aware that they weren’t on board with his orientation. He introduced me to his mom, who stared daggers at me, as if to say, ‘Why the hell are you with my son?!’

When we went to his room to hang out, I could see he was texting his mom. They were texting in Spanish, which I can read, and she was pissed: ‘I forbid this. I am your mother!'”

7. I’m sorry, what was that?

“My boyfriend’s mom decided I was a witch because I gave him one of those cute little ‘voodoo’ dolls that were popular a while back. (It was themed for luck on exams because he was nervous about midterms.)

Apparently, the logical response to your son dating a witch was to have a family friend ceremoniously burn chicken bones and then stash them around your kid’s dorm to get rid of the girlfriend. I guess technically it worked?”

6. What kind of grown woman does this?

“My high school boyfriend’s mother referred to me as his ‘little whore.’ First of all — ew, slut shaming — but he was also the first boy I ever kissed and I was a virgin, so it was all very confusing.” 

5. That sounds unsanitary.

“They were massive hoarders! They had magazines piled up in their living room from 15 years before, and when they moved, they filled an ENTIRE 18-foot moving truck, four cars, and a pickup truck with their junk.

When I tried to convince them to get rid of some
old broken furniture, his dad snapped at me. They were convinced that when they died, their kids would be able to sell all the stuff and make a huge chunk of money.”

4. I can see how that happened.

 “I once dated a 25-year-old guy who told me that he enjoyed cuddling in bed with his 23-year-old sister. I always tried to forget it, but I never really could. It just spoiled the relationship for me.” 

3. She didn’t even feel bad. That’s diabolical.

“My partner’s mum was bitching about me on Facebook and didn’t realize I could see it. When I called her out on it, she said, ‘Oh well, shit happens.’” 

2. How does that even work?

“My ex’s mom reported me to the police for ‘kidnapping’ him when he came to my house once.” 

1. This just keeps getting worse.

“I once went on a couple dates with a guy on my block who I found out lived in a tiny studio apartment the size of a small single-car garage with his mom. He was 25 and they shared a bed.”

People are so awful, truly. I think I can never be more stunned by it, and then…

Has this ever happened to you?

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