One of the big milestones in any romantic relationship is being asked over to meet the other person’s family – one at a time or all at once, it can be a daunting experience.

Most people don’t expect that they will adore their partner’s family, every last one, but most of us also don’t go into the situation figuring they’re going to spell the end for your budding love affair.

For these 13 people, though, their partner’s family was a total dealbreaker.

13. This is the grossest thing I’ve read in a while.

“The first day I met my ex’s father, he bragged about how he left his ex-wife (my ex’s mom) because she wasn’t enough of a trophy wife for him, and that is what he deserved. He then told us his current girlfriend was originally his housekeeper, but he ‘just couldn’t keep his hands off of her.'”

12. I honestly don’t want to know the rest.

“His mother told me she’d always sort of had a crush on her own son — after admitting that he slept in her bed until he was 12, which was coincidentally when she got remarried.” 

11. He’s lucky he didn’t get punched in the face.

“My ex’s dad called me a ‘doxy’ while in an argument with my ex. After some googling, I found out it essentially means ‘whore.'” 

10. This is way too much information.

“After I slept with my ex for the first time, his mom said to me, ‘Doesn’t my son have a really big dick? His brothers’ aren’t that big, and he definitely didn’t get it from his dad.'”

9. I would have run away screaming, too.

“When I was 18, I met my boyfriend’s mother after a couple of weeks of dating him. She freaked out, told me I was the perfect girlfriend, and immediately started asking when we would get married.”

8. This is awful.

“He took me to meet his parents and neglected to tell them that I’m black. The looks of sheer horror on their faces made me want to leave immediately. Over dinner, his mom kept saying ‘I hope this food is alright, I don’t know what ‘you people’ eat’.

His dad asked what my parents do, I said dad is a welder and mom is a custodian at the high school. He responded with ‘typical.’ I stood up, walked out, and called my dad from a 7-11 pay phone. Never spoke to that guy again.”

7. It’s like a gender-swapped Jane Eyre.

“My ex’s dad lived in her attic. I only found out when I walked in on him using the bathroom (with the door open) in the middle of the night. I woke up my ex in a panic and said we needed to call the police because there was a strange man in her house, and she explained that it was her father. He never properly introduced himself beyond saying ‘Sorry we met ass-first,’ and everyone else acted like it was completely normal.”

6. Image the complexes she would give your future kids.

“My ex’s mom photoshopped my face in all of our pictures because I ‘just needed a few things fixed.'”

5. What is happening here?

“My ex’s mother referred to her ex-husband, son, and DOG as ‘my lover’ and every time we were over, she would insist on sitting in my ex’s lap on a loveseat across the room while I sat on the couch alone. No regrets on getting out of that one.”

4. She knew they were close but not close.

“I started dating one of my friend’s brothers. I knew my friend and her brother were close, but I didn’t know how close. The longer we dated, the creepier it got. The last straw was when a big incident happened at our house and he kissed her face all over and consoled her while she was crying instead of me.”

3. I would have left halfway through.

“When I first went over to my ex’s parents’ house for dinner, I did the polite thing and offered to help clean up after eating. I ended up doing all the washing up for a six-person dinner alone.”

2. This sounds completely gross and unsanitary.

“My ex’s parents had 20+ dogs. The dogs were split into three groups which could not mingle without attacking the other groups. At any given time, I was suffocated by at least seven dogs in their tiny, cluttered house. They had to rotate the groups of dogs through the designated sleep, eat, and potty areas. You can probably imagine how well that went.”

1. That girl needs some therapy.

“My ex’s sister told me she’d break my neck if I didn’t like her, and his mom said I was pretty but would be prettier if i got a nose job.” 

These are just awful and I cannot believe people like this exist in the world.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

If so, please share the story with us in the comments!