No one really thought the first day of a new year was going to wipe the whole horrible slate clean, right? It’s a nice idea, but 24 hours late we’re all still dealing with the stuff we were handling yesterday.

At least we have parents like these 12 to keep it real, and keep us laughing, as the days and weeks keep rolling on.

12. What is the world coming to?

You never thought you would be here, I know.

11. Embarrassing your kids is your right.

Some days it’s the only thing getting us out of bed.

10. I feel like this is some kind of metaphor for life.

Or maybe just for my life.

9. It was the only fair thing to do.

For everyone except her waistline.

8. And we just do it.

We’re tired, ok?

7. I’ve never understood that saying.

Do…do some babies sleep?

6. The important things.

Be impressed with their reading comprehension and move on.

5. That’s going to be awkward tomorrow.

And the next time she tries to convince them it’s going to snow.

4. Yes, you have to take them.

It’s what you signed up for when you definitely didn’t sign anything.

3. There are no prisoners in Mario Kart.

And no family. Every man for himself.

2. Not all lessons come back around.

But some of them do.

1. That’s their guinea pig now.

I hope they’re very happy together.

We’ve got to keep laughing, because what’s the alternative?

Tell me down in the comments which one of these helped you forget nothing has changed!