It’s a personal choice whether or not to have children, and neither lifestyle is inherently better, worse, easier, or harder than the other. If you don’t have kids, though, there’s just a few things you’ll never get until (or if) you make that leap.

So, for the parents in the house, here are 12 memes just for you.

12. Are you sure we’re talking about the same kid?

Just sneak out quick before she realizes she’s wrong.

11. You’ve gotta get up before they do.

Otherwise, the whole day feels wrong.

10. You need somewhere for the noise to diffuse.

And your neighbors probably all hate you already anyway.

9. Why not both?

I am positive you can be both at the same time.

8. You’re definitely in a fight¬†now.

Or she just doesn’t have kids.

7. And that’s on a good day.

At least I’m funny?

6. That speech is very inspirational.

Don’t show your kids Bill Pullman if you don’t want them inspired.

5. They learn by watching, my friend.

I’m not saying…I’m just saying.

4. What was she thinking?

Is it her first day on the job?

3. We all have the same dream, lady.

Some of this works on some days.

2. They suckered me into babysitting as a tween.

Worst. Job. Ever.

1. We’re all doing our best.

Some days, it’s not that great.

I’m feeling all of these, y’all. Because I’m a mother and it’s not always easy.

Which one did you already text to a friend? ‘Fess up in the comments!

Please and thank you!